Compensation Securities

Example Definitions of "Compensation Securities"
Compensation Securities. The Compensation Exchange Notes and the shares of Common Stock into which such Compensation Exchange Notes are converted or convertible (including any shares of Common Stock issued or issuable thereon upon any stock split, stock combination, stock dividend or the like) upon original issuance thereof, and at all times subsequent thereto, and associated related rights, if any, until, in the case of any such Compensation Exchange Note or shares of Common Stock (and associated rights) (i) the date... on which the resale thereof has been effectively registered under the Securities Act and disposed of in accordance with the Registration Statement relating thereto, (ii) the date on which such security has been distributed to the public pursuant to Rule 144 or is saleable pursuant to paragraph (k) of Rule 144 or (iii) the date on which such security ceases to be outstanding, whichever date is earliest. View More
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