Competing Enterprise

Example Definitions of "Competing Enterprise"
Competing Enterprise. Shall mean any person, corporation, partnership or other entity, whose main business in the United States is to deliver banking products or services.
Competing Enterprise. Means any Person, other than any JC Company, of whatever form engaged in the Business.
Competing Enterprise. Any business engaged in any market which is a part of the Home Improvement Business as described below (i) with total annual sales or revenues of at least five hundred million dollars ($500 million USD) and (ii) with retail locations or distribution facilities in a US State or the District of Columbia or which engages in providing goods and/or services within the Home Improvement Business to customers in the United States through electronic means (internet, mobile application, etc.), including... but not limited to the following entities: The Home Depot, Inc.; Sears Holdings, Inc. or Transform Holdco LLC; Best Buy Co., Inc.; Menard, Inc.;, Inc.; Ace Hardware Corp.; Lumber Liquidators Holdings, Inc.; Wayfair, Inc.; Walmart, Inc.; HD Supply Holding, Inc.; Floor & DeĢcor Holdings, Inc.; and True Value Company. View More
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