Competing Products

Example Definitions of "Competing Products"
Competing Products. Whole food based nutrition products containing blended fruit, berry and/or vegetable juice powders and which are substantially similar to the Products
Competing Products. Canine, feline or equine monoclonal antibody targeting the same molecular target (for example, for NV-01: canine monoclonal antibodies targeting NGF)
Competing Products. Shall mean products, processes, or services of any person or organization other than the Company, in existence or under development, which are substantially the same, may be substituted for, or applied to substantially the same end use as the products, processes or services with which the Executive works during the time of his employment with the Company or about which the Executive acquires Confidential Information through his work with the Company.
Competing Products. Products or services sold by the Company, or any prospective product or service the Company took steps to develop for which I had any responsibility during the 24 months preceding the termination of my employment
Competing Products. Any product or service, in existence or under development, which is of the same type as, which competes with, or which is intended to compete with or displace in the market, any of the products or services provided or sold (or contemplated to be provided or sold) by the Beacon Group.
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