Competitive Product

Example Definitions of "Competitive Product"
Competitive Product. A product, either for prescription or over-the-counter sale, that is intended for use in a comparable indication, contains the same or substantially equivalent active ingredients or is otherwise competitive with the Product
Competitive Product. Any prescription drug that is listed as pharmaceutically equivalent to the Branded Product as listed in the FDA Orange Book, other than the Product sold pursuant to this Agreement
Competitive Product. In a given country, (i) a drug or biologic approved for marketing or in Phase 3 clinical development, (ii) a 510(k), or foreign equivalent, device approved for marketing, or (iii) a PMA, or foreign equivalent, device approved for marketing or in pivotal study clinical development, other than an Eligible Product, that acts (or is being developed to act) for one or more target label indications substantially similar to one or more approved or target label indications for an Eligible Product
Competitive Product. (a) any device or analyzer that performs substantially similar functions as an Instrument and (b) any test, including rapid or lateral flow, that provides substantially similar test results or parameters as the Product.
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