Compliance Certificate

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Compliance Certificate. A certificate certifying the compliance by the Guarantor with all of its covenants contained herein and delivered by the chief financial officer of the Guarantor to the Facility Agent from time to time pursuant to Sections 4(f) hereof and substantially in the same form as the form of "Compliance Certificate" set out as Exhibit A hereto
Compliance Certificate. (c) Chief Financial Officer's Certificate. Together with each of the monthly and annual Financial Statements required by Section 16.3(a) and (b) above, a certificate of the Seller's chief financial officer in the form of Exhibit C, among other things, (i) setting forth in reasonable detail all calculations necessary to show (A) whether the Seller is in compliance with the requirements of Sections 17.12, 17.13, 17.14, and 17.15 of this Agreement or, if the Seller is not in compliance, showing... the extent of noncompliance and specifying the period of noncompliance and what actions the Seller proposes to take with respect thereto, and (B) the HUD Compare Ratio as of the last day of the applicable period, and (ii) stating that the terms of this Agreement have been reviewed by such officer or under his or her supervision, that he or she has made or caused to be made under his or her supervision a review in reasonable detail of the transactions and the condition of the Seller during the accounting period covered by such Financial Statements and that such review does not disclose the existence during or at the end of such accounting period and that such chief financial officer does not have knowledge of the existence as of the date of such certificate of any Event of Default or Default or, if any Event of Default or Default existed or exists, specifying the nature and period of its existence and what action the Seller has taken, is taking, and proposes to take with respect to it. View More
Compliance Certificate. That certain certificate in the form attached hereto as Exhibit C.
Compliance Certificate. Means a certificate substantially in the form set out in Schedule B (Form of Compliance Certificate);
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