Example Definitions of "Compliance"
Compliance. The adherence by the Parties in all material respects to all Applicable Laws and Party Specific Regulations, in each case with respect to the activities to be conducted under this Agreement.
Compliance. 10. Compliance, Sustainability
Compliance. That the applicable Product(s) (including all corresponding Components): (a) conform to the applicable then-current Specifications and BOM, as defined in Section 2.5, as well as mutually agreed-upon acceptable quality limits (AQLs), and any other instructions and requirements set forth in the applicable Purchase Order(s); (b) are identical in all respects to the Approved First Article; (c) are new and unused; (d) meet all packaging, branding and labeling requirements set forth in the applicable... Specifications and otherwise supplied by Eargo in writing; (e) includes all applicable Documentation, and (f) do not contain any visible signs of damage (e.g., scratches, marks, chipping, etc.) or any indications of wear and tear, whether on the packaging or the Products themselves. View More
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