Example Definitions of "Components"
Components. All components used by Althea in Production of Client Product under this Agreement.
Components. The parts, materials and supplies included in or required for each Product as stipulated in the Bill of Materials
Components. Shall mean all Components and other materials included in Products provided by third parties and approved in writing by Nutanix. Components shall be either Standard, Non-Standard or Custom Components.
Components. Means the three key components supplied by Volition specified in Schedule A, and improvements to the H3.1 Biomarker made by Volition during the Term, and other key components for New Biomarkers or New Tests as may be added to this Agreement pursuant to Section 3.2.
Components. Means those components, parts or materials to be incorporated into the Product, including spares and subassemblies, that Company either provides, directly or indirectly, to Jabil or are purchased through component suppliers designated, specified and/or approved by Company.
Components. All materials, individual component parts and assemblies, which are ultimately to be incorporated into a Product, or are designed to be incorporated into a Product or installed in a Product, including but not limited to Hardware or Software embedded or incorporated into the Product, and other component parts, as well as accompanying Hardware or Software, if any, delivered with the Products for use in the installation of the Product.
Components. Those components, parts or materials that are purchased through component suppliers designated, specified and/or approved by MEP, to be incorporated into the Product.
Components. Collectively, all raw materials, excipients and any other materials (including, to the extent procured by SUPPLIER, the API) required to Manufacture the Product in accordance with the Specifications.
Components. Means all primary product-contact components (such as vials, plungers, stoppers and syringes) or product-delivery devices (such as secondary devices or injectors) of the type required for Production. All Components will be specified and listed in the Project Plan and may be identified as either Components supplied by Client (Client-Supplied Components) and/or Components supplied by Catalent (Catalent-Supplied Components).
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