Example Definitions of "Condemnation"
Condemnation. The exercise of any governmental power, whether by legal proceedings or otherwise, by a condemnor and a voluntary sale or transfer by Landlord to any condemnor, either under threat of condemnation or while legal proceedings for condemnation are pending.
Condemnation. Subject to all the terms and conditions set forth below, the Landlord and the Tenant hereby agree as follows.
Condemnation. A Taking
Condemnation. Any taking or damaging of all or a portion of the Leased Premises (i) in or by condemnation or other eminent domain proceedings pursuant to any Law, general or special, or (ii) by reason of any agreement with any condemnor in settlement of or under threat of any such condemnation or other eminent domain proceeding. The Condemnation shall be considered to have taken place as of the later of the date actual physical possession is taken by the condemnor, or the date on which the right to... compensation and damages accrues under the law applicable to the Leased Premises View More
Condemnation. A Taking and/or a Requisition
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