Confidential Company Information

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Confidential Company Information. Confidential Company Information means, unless otherwise available to the public, (i) any and all information relating to the Company's methods of operation, source of merchandise supply, organizational details, personnel information, marketing plans, business plans, strategic plans, forecasts, or financial information or data; (ii) any and all information relating to the Company's real estate activities including, but not limited to, landlords, prospective landlords, and lease data; (iii) the... specific terms of the Company's agreements or arrangements with any officers, directors, employees, vendors, suppliers, or any other entity with which the Company may be affiliated from time to time, including, but not limited to, the value of any consideration provided or received by the Company or the expiration date of any such agreement or arrangement; and (iv) any and all information of a technical or proprietary nature developed by or acquired by the Company or made available to the Company and its employees by vendors, suppliers, contractors, or other employees of the Company, on a confidential basis, including, but not limited to, ideas, concepts, designs, specifications, prototypes, techniques, technical data or know-how, formulae, methods, research and development, and inventions, as such Confidential Company Information may exist from time to time and whether in electronic, print or other form and all copies, notes, or other reproductions thereof. View More
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