Confidential Information of THE SPONSOR

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Confidential Information of THE SPONSOR. All (i) information that is confidential or proprietary to THE SPONSOR or otherwise not generally available to the public that is disclosed, directly or indirectly, by the SPONSOR to FORENAP (including protocols, case report forms, preclinical or clinical data, reports, specifications, computer programs or models and related documentation, know-how, trade secrets and business or research plans) and (ii) data, results and reports generated or created by FORENAP (including any Principal... Investigator or member of a Study Staff), but excluding Study subjects' medical records; notwithstanding the foregoing, Confidential Information of THE SPONSOR does not include any information that: - is not covered by clause (ii) above, is in the possession of FORENAP at the time of disclosure; - prior to or after the time of disclosure is or becomes part of the public knowledge, not as a result of any breach of this Master Agreement by FORENAP; or - is disclosed to FORENAP by a third party whom FORENAP reasonably believes has the lawful right to make such disclosure View More
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