Confirmed Performance Share Units

Example Definitions of "Confirmed Performance Share Units"
Confirmed Performance Share Units. Means the number of Performance Share Units (rounded to the nearest whole share) equal to the Target Award times the Performance Multiplier, as determined by the Committee in accordance with Exhibit A; provided, however, that if (i) a Qualifying Change of Control occurs on or before the Confirmation Date and while Grantee remains employed by the Company and/or its Affiliates, or (ii) Grantee's employment is terminated under the circumstances described in Section 3(a) below on or before the... Confirmation Date, the number of Confirmed Performance Share Units shall in each case equal the Target Award, regardless of the Threshold Performance Goal or any other performance considerations. The term "Confirmed Performance Share Units" shall also include any Performance Share Units converted from dividend equivalents after the Confirmation Date or, if earlier, a Qualifying Change of Control or the termination of Grantee's employment under the circumstances described in Section 3(a) below. View More
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