Conflicting Services

Example Definitions of "Conflicting Services"
Conflicting Services. Any service or process of any person or production homebuilding organization, other than the Company, settling in excess of 250 units annually, which directly competes with the Company in the business of designing, constructing and selling for-sale single-family homes, townhomes and condominiums within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area or in any other geographic area where the Company is conducting operations or has demonstrable plans to commence operations within six (6) months during... Your employment by the Company or about which You acquire Confidential Information during Your employment by the Company. View More
Conflicting Services. Services of any entity (other than the entities comprising the Global Eagle Companies) that are the same or substantially similar to those services of the Global Eagle Companies in the Territory (x) provided by the Participant (directly or indirectly through others) during the twelve (12) months preceding the Vesting Date, or (y) about which the Participant acquired Confidential Information or trade secrets during his or her employment by the Global Eagle Companies.
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