Consent to Permitted Acquisitions

Example Definitions of "Consent to Permitted Acquisitions"
Consent to Permitted Acquisitions. Subject to the representations set forth herein and the delivery of the documents required by the Note Agreement (including a duly executed certificate of Responsible Officer and attached pro forma Compliance Certificate, as required under Section 10.3(h)(ix) of the Note Agreement) and such additional documents as the Required Holders may reasonably request with respect to the Acquisitions, the Noteholders hereby consent to each of the Acquisitions on substantially the terms set forth in the... respective Purchase Agreements, as amended or otherwise modified from time to time; provided, however, that the foregoing consent shall not extend to any amendment or other modification of each such Purchase Agreement which would either (a) increase the Aggregate Consideration for the respective Acquisition, or (b) cause the respective Acquisition not to constitute a Permitted Acquisition. View More
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