Consequential Loss

Example Definitions of "Consequential Loss"
Consequential Loss. With respect to Maker's payment, or conversion to a different Interest Option, of all or any portion of the then-outstanding principal amount of any LIBOR Balance on a day other than the last day of the LIBOR Interest Period related thereto, any loss, cost or expense incurred by Payee in redepositing such principal amount, including the sum of (i) the interest which, but for such payment, Payee would have earned in respect of such principal amount so paid for the remainder of LIBOR Interest... Period applicable to such principal amount, reduced, if Payee is able to redeposit such principal amount so paid for the balance of such LIBOR Interest Period, by the interest earned by Payee as a result of so redepositing such principal amount, plus (ii) any expense or penalty incurred by Payee on redepositing such principal amount. View More
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