Consignment Property

Example Definitions of "Consignment Property"
Consignment Property. The following described property whether now consigned, owned or existing or in the future consigned, acquired or arising: (i) all Merchandise which has been, is now or in the future consigned or delivered, directly or indirectly, by Supplier to, or for the benefit of, Filene's; (ii) all replacements, additions, accessions, substitutions, returns, repossessions and exchanges of any and all Merchandise; (iii) all records of the foregoing (whether the records are maintained in written or... electronic form); and (iv) all products and proceeds of the foregoing described property (such proceeds being in whatever form, including, without limitation, additional Merchandise, accounts, inventory, instruments, documents, chattel paper, general intangibles, money, bank accounts and deposits, cash and all insurance proceeds payable by reason of any loss or damage of any or all of the foregoing described property). View More
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