Consolidated Net Worth

Example Definitions of "Consolidated Net Worth"
Consolidated Net Worth. Consolidated Net Worth means, at any time, an amount equal to the consolidated partners' equity of the MLP and its subsidiaries.
Consolidated Net Worth. At any date of determination, all amounts which would be included on a balance sheet of the Guarantor and its Consolidated Subsidiaries under stockholders' equity as of such date in accordance with GAAP.
Consolidated Net Worth. At any time, the aggregate shareholders' equity of Guarantor and its Subsidiaries, determined on a consolidated basis in accordance with GAAP.
Consolidated Net Worth. Means, as of any date, as applied to the Parent and its Restricted Subsidiaries, shareholders' equity or net worth as determined and computed on a consolidated basis in accordance with GAAP after giving appropriate effect to any outside minority interests in Restricted Subsidiaries, provided that in determining "Consolidated Net Worth" there shall be (a) included any issuance of preferred stock by the Parent and (b) excluded (i) any extraordinary gains and losses, (ii) any non-cash impairment,... valuation allowance, write-down or write-off in the book value of any assets, (iii) any non-cash loss in connection with the disposition of any assets and (iv) any other comprehensive income (loss) associated with pension plans or postretirement benefit plans other than pensions; provided further, that the items referred to in clauses (i), (ii), (iii), and (iv), shall be excluded only to the extent that such items are recorded following the date hereof. View More
Consolidated Net Worth. At any time the consolidated stockholders' equity of the Company and its subsidiaries calculated on a consolidated basis as of such time. For purposes of calculating the Consolidated Net Worth, "subsidiaries" means, at any time, the subsidiaries of the Company whose financial data is, in accordance with GAAP, reflected in the Company's consolidated financial statements
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