Example Definitions of "Consumable(s)"
Consumable(s). Means those SEQUENOM product items so identified in Appendix B.
Consumable(s). Materials and components that either are expected to be consumed, in a period of less than one year, on a continual basis, during the operation of a product (for example, without limitation, process gasses) or are expected to be replaced periodically (but within a period of less than one year) throughout the life of the product (for example, without limitation, targets, shields, and the like). Consumables do not include Window Pads
Consumable(s). Shall mean materials used in practicing the PATENT RIGHTS.
Consumable(s). The ABAXIS consumable products, including any Discs, listed in Exhibit A, and such other ABAXIS products as ABAXIS shall from time to time offer, in writing. For clarity, Consumables do not include any Instrument or other ABAXIS analyzers or instruments.
Consumable(s). Disposable dose packet, including a capillary element and other materials that may be included as part of the AEROSURF System as to be detailed in the PRD.
Consumable(s). Seller branded reagents and consumable items that are intended by Seller to be consumed through the use of Hardware. Consumables are either Advantage Consumables or Temporary Consumables. All references in these Terms to Consumables means both Advantage Consumables and Temporary Consumables unless specified otherwise
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