Consumer Documents

Example Definitions of "Consumer Documents"
Consumer Documents. Means, on or after the Final Rule Effective Date, the following documents used by Borrower in connection with the credit sale of Timeshare Interests: (a)*Credit Report - *Note - After completion of the underwriting review of the Consumer Documents, the Credit Application will be removed from the Consumer Documents file and shredded or returned to Borrower, at Borrower's request; (b)Evidence of FICO Score (to the extent required under Section 22.3); (c)Purchase Agreement (with Right of... Rescission Notice); (d)Deed; (e)Mortgage; (f)Note (or Lost Note Affidavit, if applicable); (g)Servicing Disclosure Statement; (h)Privacy Act Notice (if applicable); (i)Certificate of Purchase of Owner Beneficiary Rights; (j)Closing Disclosure; and (k)Loan Estimate (to the extent required by Legal Requirements). View More
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