Contingent Liabilities

Example Definitions of "Contingent Liabilities"
Contingent Liabilities. With respect to any Person as of any date of determination, all of the following as of such date: (a) liabilities and obligations (including any Guarantee Obligations) of such Person in respect of "off-balance sheet arrangements" (as defined in the Off-Balance Sheet Rules defined below in this definition), (b) obligations, including Guarantee Obligations, whether or not required to be disclosed in the footnotes to such Person's financial statements, guaranteeing in whole or in part any... Non-Recourse Indebtedness, lease, dividend or other obligation, excluding, however, (i) contractual indemnities (including any indemnity or price-adjustment provision relating to the purchase or sale of securities or other assets), and (ii) guarantees of non-monetary obligations that have not yet been called on or quantified, of such Person or any other Person, and (c) forward commitments or obligations to fund or provide proceeds with respect to any loan or other financing that is obligatory and non-discretionary on the part of the lender. The amount of any Contingent Liabilities described in the preceding clause (b) shall be deemed to be (i) with respect to a guarantee of interest or interest and principal, or operating income guarantee, the sum of all payments required to be made thereunder (which, in the case of an operating income guarantee, shall be deemed to be equal to the debt service for the note secured thereby), through (x) in the case of an interest or interest and principal guarantee, the stated date of maturity of the obligation (and commencing on the date interest could first be payable thereunder), or (y) in the case of an operating income guarantee, the date through which such guarantee will remain in effect, and (ii) with respect to all guarantees not covered by the preceding clause (i), an amount equal to the stated or determinable amount of the primary obligation in respect of which such guarantee is made or, if not stated or determinable, the maximum reasonably anticipated liability in respect thereof (assuming such Person is required to perform thereunder) as recorded on the balance sheet and in the footnotes to the most recent financial statements of such Person. View More
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