Continuation Benefits

Example Definitions of "Continuation Benefits"
Continuation Benefits. Shall be the continuation of the benefits, as detailed in the Offer Letter, for the period commencing on the Termination Date and terminating 12 months thereafter, or such other period as specifically stated herein (the "Continuation Period") at the Company's expense on behalf of the Employee and his dependents; and the level and availability of benefits provided during the Continuation Period shall at all times be subject to the post-employment conversion or portability provisions of the... benefit plans. The Company's obligation hereunder with respect to the foregoing benefits shall also be limited to the extent that if the Employee is eligible to obtain any such benefits pursuant to a subsequent employer's benefit plans, the Company may reduce the coverage of any benefits it is required to provide the Employee hereunder as long as the aggregate coverage and benefits of the combined benefit plans is no less favorable to the Employee than the coverage and benefits required to be provided hereunder. This definition of Continuation Benefits shall not be interpreted so as to limit any benefits to which the Employee, his dependents or beneficiaries may be entitled under any of the Company's employee benefit plans, programs or practices following the Employee's termination of employment, including, without limitation, retiree medical and life insurance benefits. View More
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