Continued Medical Benefits

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Continued Medical Benefits. Nuvelo's direct payment or reimbursement, in whole or in part, whether pursuant to the Plan or otherwise, of the premium cost of medical, dental, or vision insurance coverage for the Participant or the Participant's family members, where such premium is paid by Nuvelo after the Participant's termination of employment with Nuvelo and such premium covers a period extending beyond such termination of employment. For the purposes of the preceding sentence, a wholly or partially self-insured plan or... arrangement maintained by Nuvelo shall be considered insurance coverage. For example, the benefits pursuant to Sections 5(c) and 6(d) shall constitute Continued Medical Benefits. View More
Continued Medical Benefits. The Nuvelo's contributions toward the cost of continuation coverage under COBRA as provided under Sections 5(c) and 6(d).
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