Continuous Status as a Beneficiary

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Continuous Status as a Beneficiary. As regards the president of the Board, the general manager, the deputy general managers or, as the case may be, the president and the members of the management board that the term of their office has not been terminated and, as regards an employee that the employment relationship between the Beneficiary and the Company or any Affiliated Company is not terminated. Continuous Status as a Beneficiary shall not be considered terminated in the case of (i) any leave of absence having received a prior... approval from the Company or, in the case of a U.S. Beneficiary, requiring no prior approval under U.S. laws, or (ii) transfers between locations of the Company or between the Company or any Affiliated Company or the contrary or also from an Affiliated Company to another Affiliated Company. Leaves of absence which must receive a prior approval from the Company for the non-termination of the Continuous Status as a Beneficiary shall include leaves of more than three (3) months for illnesses or conditions about which the employee has advance knowledge, military leave, or any other personal leave. For purposes of U.S. Beneficiaries and Incentive Stock Options, no such leave may exceed three (3) months, unless reemployment upon expiration of such leave is guaranteed by statute, contract or Company policies. If reemployment upon expiration of a leave of absence approved by the Company is not so guaranteed, on the 91st day of such leave any Incentive Stock Option held by a U.S. Beneficiary shall cease to be treated as an Incentive Stock Option and shall be treated for U.S. tax purposes as a Non-Statutory Stock Option. Except to the extent otherwise required by Law or expressly authorized by the Administrator, no employment credit shall be given for vesting purposes for any period the Optionee is on a leave of absence View More
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