Control Systems Activities

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Control Systems Activities. Any activity relating to programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems or computerized numerical controls (including system components such as field agents (hardware and software that serves as a secure bi-directional data conduit between the 'Edge' controller and a database), process instrumentation, analytical devices, control valves, actuation and motion)) integrating sensors and controls either across enterprises or localized on equipment, in each case, providing automation of... manufacturing enterprises and processes, including hardware and software optimization and supervisory control and data acquisition and analysis; provided that (a) such Control Systems Activity is not principally designed for, or principally intended for, sale or, solely with respect to related software (excluding any equipment or component embedded software), licensing, in the Competing Business and (b) the sales revenue for such Control System Activity from sales for use in the O&G Activities (without taking into account any sales or supply to the Newco Group) does not exceed thirty five percent (35%) of its revenues from all sales (without taking into account any sales or supply to the Newco Group), in each case, (i) during the period commencing on the Closing Date and ending on December 31, 2017 or (ii) during any subsequent calendar year. View More
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