Controllable Expenses

Example Definitions of "Controllable Expenses"
Controllable Expenses. All Operating Expenses, excluding utilities (e.g., electricity, gas, water and sewer), property taxes, and insurance, for which Landlord has an opportunity to select vendors and negotiate rates with the selected vendors, as reasonably determined by Landlord.
Controllable Expenses. All Operating Expenses other than (i) Taxes, (ii) utility charges, (iii) insurance charges imposed by third party utility and insurance companies, respectively, (iv) snow and ice removal, and (v) wages, salaries and other compensation and benefits paid to Landlord's employees, agents or contractors engaged in the operation, management, maintenance (including, but not limited to, janitorial and cleaning services) or security of the Building or Property, but only to the extent such wages,... salaries and other compensation are incurred as a result of union labor or government mandated requirements including, but not limited to, prevailing wage laws and similar requirements. View More
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