Controlled Accounts

Example Definitions of "Controlled Accounts"
Controlled Accounts. Shall mean, collectively, with respect to each Grantor, (i) all “deposit accounts” and all “securities accounts” as such terms are defined in the UCC and all accounts and sub-accounts relating to any of the foregoing accounts and (ii) all cash, funds, checks, notes, “securities entitlements” (as such terms are defined in the UCC) and instruments from time to time on deposit in any of the accounts or sub-accounts described in clause (i) of this definition, in each case, which contain or will... contain proceeds of any assets that constitute Collateral hereunder (other than (i) any deposit accounts and securities accounts that contain solely assets or amounts that are not pledged pursuant to this Agreement and (ii) Government Receivables Deposit Accounts), and shall include the Concentration Account, the Blocked Accounts and the Disbursement Accounts. View More
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