Conversion Installment Floor Amount

Example Definitions of "Conversion Installment Floor Amount"
Conversion Installment Floor Amount. An amount in cash, to be delivered by wire transfer of immediately available funds pursuant to wire instructions delivered to the Company by the Holder in writing, equal to the product obtained by multiplying (A) the higher of (I) the highest price that the Common Stock trades at on the Trading Day immediately preceding the relevant Share Delivery Date and (II) the applicable Installment Conversion Price and (B) the difference obtained by subtracting (I) the number of shares of Common Stock... delivered (or to be delivered) to the Holder on the applicable Share Delivery Date with respect to such Installment Conversion from (II) the quotient obtain by dividing (x) the applicable Installment Amount subject to such Installment Conversion, by (y) the applicable Installment Conversion Price without giving effect to clause (y) of such definition View More
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