Example Definitions of "Copyright"
Copyright. Means any of the following now owned or hereafter acquired or created (as a work for hire for the benefit of Grantor) by Grantor or in which Grantor now holds or hereafter acquires or receives any right or interest, in whole or in part: (a) any copyright, whether registered or unregistered, held pursuant to the laws of the United States or of any other country or foreign jurisdiction, (b) registration, application or recording in the United States Copyright Office or in any similar office or... agency of the United States or any other country or foreign jurisdiction, (c) any continuation, renewal or extension thereof, and (d) any registration to be issued in any pending application, and shall include any right or interest in and to work protectable by any of the foregoing which are presently or in the future owned, created or authorized (as a work for hire for the benefit of Grantor) or acquired by Grantor, in whole or in part. View More
Copyright. Means copyrights and copyright registrations, including, without limitation, the copyright registrations and recordings listed on Schedule I attached hereto, if any, in which the Grantors have any right, title and interest, and (i) all reissues, continuations, extensions or renewals thereof, (ii) all income, royalties, damages and payments now and hereafter due and/or payable under and with respect thereto, subject to payment to any co-owner of its, his or her share thereof, including, without... limitation, payments under all licenses entered into in connection therewith and damages and payments for past or future infringements thereof, (iii) the right to sue for past, present and future infringements thereof, and (iv) all of the Grantors' rights corresponding thereto throughout the world. View More
Copyright. Mask works, rights of publicity and privacy, copyrights in works of authorship of any type, including software, registrations and applications for registration thereof throughout the world, all rights therein provided by international treaties and conventions, all moral and common law rights thereto, and all other rights associated therewith
Copyright. Each copyright included in the Collateral
Copyright. Copyrights means copyrights, moral rights, mask work rights, database rights and design rights, whether or not registered, and all registrations and applications for registration of any of the foregoing, and all rights in and to any of the foregoing provided by international treaties or conventions.
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