Core Materials

Example Definitions of "Core Materials"
Core Materials. The comScore Raw Data (including Visitor Data and Transaction Data) and comScore Processed Data, whether or not collected or produced prior to or during the Term. comScore Data does not include any information that personally identifies the comScore panelist or any data (other than comScore Syndicated Products) that are specifically and solely provided by, provided to, processed or collected for, and funded by, (a) a single comScore client other than Citadel or (b) more than one comScore client... other than Citadel if independently requested by, and processed or collected for, such clients, and any data generated by the establishment of a Private Panel (as defined in Section 1.4 below) for such comScore client and/or the administering of Survey Services (as defined in Section 1.7 below) solely on behalf of such comScore client. View More
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