Example Definitions of "Correspondent"
Correspondent. As of the closing Date of the Loan, the Correspondent is NorthMarq Capital, Inc. Lender retains the right to change the Correspondent at any time during the term of the Loan. Borrowers hereby acknowledge that Lender, at Lender's expense, may utilize Correspondent or other outside third parties selected by Lender in any aspects of the Loan, including, but not limited to, the servicing, administration and monitoring of the Loan. For purposes of this Loan Agreement, where it is referenced that... information will be provided to "Correspondent and Lender", unless designated otherwise by Lender, the information shall be provided to Correspondent, who will provide the same to Lender. Lender may, at any time, request that the information be provided to both Correspondent and Lender or to another third party in place of Correspondent. View More
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