Cost of Funds Rate

Example Definitions of "Cost of Funds Rate"
Cost of Funds Rate. Means the rate per annum reasonably determined and calculated by the Purchaser to be its cost of funding for the relevant period from whatever sources it may select in accordance with its usual procedures for sourcing funds (to be consistent with such selection generally under other receivables facilities under which it acts as purchaser), taking into account factors including, but not limited to, the Purchaser's external and internal funding costs and prevailing interbank market rates and... conditions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Cost of Funds Rate shall be less than 0%, such rate shall be deemed 0% for purposes of this Agreement. To the extent any Purchase Requests are to funded using a Discount that is calculated based on the Cost of Funds Rate, the Purchaser shall, upon a Seller's request, confirm the Cost of Funds Rate then in effect. View More
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