Cost of Goods

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Cost of Goods. For any dosage strength and formulation of the Product for any period shall mean actual direct out-of-pocket cost incurred by a party for the acquisition of Drug Substance and actual direct out-of-pocket costs incurred by a party for the acquisition, manufacture, shipping from the manufacturer to Forest's initial distribution site, storage at such site, and final labeling and packaging of the Product for such period, including the cost of commercially reasonable strategies for hedging of... exchange rate risk (in each case, to the extent not already deducted in the calculation of Net Sales or included in Distribution Costs), as recognized and recorded in accordance with US GAAP View More
Cost of Goods. The amounts paid to third party manufacturers to manufacture an Orapred Product, determined in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Cost of Goods. The total amount contingently charged by ANI for the purchase of Products during any Calendar Quarter, each Unit invoiced at the Base Price.
Cost of Goods. Shall mean, with respect to the Commercial Product, the per unit fully allocated costs of: (a) direct labor (including allocable employee benefits and employment taxes), direct material (including API and excipients), direct energy, direct utilities and other costs incurred directly in the manufacture or packaging of the Commercial Product, plus (b) costs for quality control and normal production overhead allocated to the Commercial Product (including indirect labor, maintenance, depreciation... of the manufacturing equipment, Stability Testing, facilities and utilities), all calculated in accordance with U.S. GAAP. View More
Cost of Goods. The costs incurred by or on behalf of NEXVET in the production of the Products, including materials, labour and industrial overheads together with all ancillary expenses arising from such production such as duties, custom fees, freight and insurance
Cost of Goods. The agreed ex-factory price for finished Products as supplied by the Assembly Contractors, delivered CIF to premises as determined by Ethicor, inclusive of Product, API and excipient (provided by RXi or sourced elsewhere), delivered CIF to Ethicor Assembly Contractors, and packaging costs
Cost of Goods. The sum of (i) Manufacturing Cost incurred in the normal business process in connection with the Units, (ii) freight, insurance, customs charges, duty, temporary storage and other costs of shipping the applicable Unit to Third Parties (to the extent actually incurred by the shipping party and not reimbursed by the third party) and (iii) applicable Allocable Overhead. means the following costs, attributable to Units, all of which will be consistent with GAAP in Allocable Overhead, Cost of Goods... shall not include any non-recurring engineering expenses. The maximum hourly rates for specified individuals and categories of workers are as set forth on Exhibit B, subject to annual increases as provided in this Agreement or in Exhibit B. In no event will the Cost of Goods include expenses incurred by 374Water or its Affiliates View More
Cost of Goods. With respect to the Licensed Products, the production cost of such Licensed Products (for the avoidance of doubt, including, without limitation, manufacturing oversight, freight, shipping, insurance and quality assurance) calculated in accordance with internal cost accounting methods consistently applied by Licensor for its other similar pharmaceutical products; provided, that such methods comply with IFRS or U.S. generally accepted accounting principles, as applicable. Cost of Goods shall... include direct labor, direct materials (including taxes and duties), but exclude corporate administrative overhead, any costs associated with excess capacity, any royalties or license fees payable to Third Parties and any other indirect costs. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event a Licensed Product is manufactured by a Third Party supplier and procured by Licensor, the "Cost of Goods" shall include the costs charged for such Licensed Product by such Third Party supplier to Licensor View More
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