Covenant Relief Period Termination Notice

Example Definitions of "Covenant Relief Period Termination Notice"
Covenant Relief Period Termination Notice. Means a certificate of a Responsible Officer of the U.S. Borrower (a) stating that the U.S. Borrower irrevocably elects to terminate the Covenant Relief Period effective as of the date set forth in such certificate (which date shall be no earlier than the date of the certificate) delivered to the Administrative Agent and (b) certifying that (x) the Leverage Ratio as of the last day of the most recently ended Fiscal Quarter of the U.S. Borrower did not exceed 3.75 to 1.00, (y) the Interest... Coverage Ratio, as determined as of the last day of the most recently ended Fiscal Quarter, for the four consecutive Fiscal Quarters of the U.S. Borrower ending on such day, was not less than 3.50 to 1.00, and (z) at the time of and immediately after the Covenant Relief Period Termination Date, no Event of Default or Default shall have occurred and be continuing. View More
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