Covered Disputes

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Covered Disputes. Any and all disputes arising out of, concerning, related to or touching upon in any way the Plan and/or, to the extent not otherwise specified in any individual agreement between the Company and the Participant, any aspect of the Participant's employment or the termination of that employment; except that Covered Disputes do not include (a) administrative claims for workers' compensation or unemployment benefits; (b) claims for benefits under a Company benefit plan or program that provides its... own process for dispute resolution and/or arbitration of disputes; (c) claims governed by a collective bargaining agreement; (d) an action filed in court for the limited purpose of seeking immediate, preliminary, or temporary injunctive relief to prevent imminent harm or to preserve the status quo, such as to prevent imminent disclosure of trade secrets or other confidential information or violation of a restrictive covenant; but after temporary or preliminary relief is considered, the substance of the claim and any request for permanent injunctive relief is a Covered Dispute and is then subject to mandatory arbitration; (e) claims for which mandatory arbitration would be invalid or unenforceable as a matter of law; (f) charges or complaints filed with any government agency, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; however, any lawsuit that could be filed after a governmental agency charge or complaint is a Covered Dispute; and (g) legal actions to compel arbitration of a Covered Dispute or to dismiss a lawsuit because it is subject to mandatory arbitration, or actions to enforce or vacate an arbitrator's award View More
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