Covered Policy

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Covered Policy. Shall mean each Policy listed on Exhibit A attached hereto to the extent such Policy remains in force on the Closing Date, as Exhibit A may be amended after the date hereof pursuant to Section 6(g), and (i) will include Refinancing Policies issued after the date of the Master Agreement and prior to the Closing Date, with the consent of the Reinsurer as required by, and in accordance with, the Master Agreement, but (ii) will not include (A) any Policy which is terminated or cancelled, or for... which the insured securities or obligations have been repaid, defeased or redeemed, on or prior to the Closing Date, without regard to when or whether the Company receives notice thereof and (B) those Policies removed pursuant to Section 6(c)(i) of the Master Agreement. Except with respect to the Policies listed on Exhibit A-2 hereto, if a Policy insures a gross par in force amount as of the Effective Date that is greater than the amount listed on Exhibit A, then the reinsurance provided hereunder shall extend only up to the gross par in force amount listed on Exhibit A (net of Third Party Reinsurance (other than Covered Third Party Reinsurance) related thereto) and scheduled interest or other payments or accretion corresponding to such gross par amount (net of Third Party Reinsurance (other than Covered Third Party Reinsurance) related thereto). For the avoidance of doubt, for Policies with amounts listed under the heading "Final Maturity Value—Including CIBs and CABs", the coverage hereunder shall extend up to the amount of the Final Maturity Value listed on Exhibit A. Notwithstanding its inclusion in Exhibit A, Exhibit A-1 or Exhibit A-2, a Policy shall not be included as a Covered Policy hereunder if (1) it insures other than a US Muni Risk, (2) unless listed on Exhibit A-1 or added in accordance with clause (i) above, it insures a risk written after December 31, 2007, (3) it provides for installments of premiums receivable by the Company after the Effective Date, (4) it insures a risk that is rated, as of the Effective Date, below BBB- by S&P or Baa3 by Moody's, (5) the Company has established a loss reserve for such Covered Policy as of the Effective Date, (6) it is, or insures a risk written, in the form of a credit default swap, (7) it insures securities backed by pools of assets, mortgages, corporate debt or credit default swaps, or (8) it provides reinsurance. View More
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