Covered Product

Example Definitions of "Covered Product"
Covered Product. A specific composition of matter that: (a) consists of a specific set of modifications of a single Selected Target, including without limitations deletions, substitutions, fusions or fragments of such Selected Target to which an rPEG molecule has been attached, (b) is created using the rPEG Licensed IP, and (iii) is selected by Licensee for clinical development by Licensee or a sub-licensee of Licensee
Covered Product. Any pharmaceutical product (including, without limitation, any diagnostic product or therapeutic product) that (a) contains or comprises the Compound in any formulation designed and intended for use in and for the Field, whether or not combined with other compounds, (b) in the absence of the TTA, a sublicense to the Permitted Transferee or other ownership, assignment or license of applicable rights, would infringe at least one Valid Claim of the Assigned IP or Company Patent Rights, or (c) is... manufactured or otherwise produced, at least in part, using Company Know-How. View More
Covered Product. Any Licensed Product comprising a method or process, composition, product, or component part thereof claimed in whole or in part by an issued, unexpired, or pending claim contained in the UNC Patents whose manufacture, intended use, or sale would, but for the sublicense(s) granted in this Agreement, infringe on the UNC Patents in the country of sale.
Covered Product. Any product, the manufacture, use or sale of which would, but for the license under Section 2.1.1, infringe a Valid Claim of the Harpoon Licensed Patents.
Covered Product. Coffee (including in a beverage format, ground, whole bean, and "pod" formats) or any other beverage of the type the Company or its Subsidiaries, directly or indirectly, produce, distribute, sell or market or have taken material steps to do any of the foregoing
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