Creation of the New Notes

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Creation of the New Notes. Pursuant to Section 2.01(b) of the Original Indenture, there is hereby created Additional Notes, which shall be consolidated with and form a single class with the Issued Exchange Notes and which are sometimes herein referred to as the "New Notes." The New Notes shall be in substantially the form set forth in Exhibit A hereto, with such changes therein as may be authorized by any officer of the Company executing any New Notes by manual or facsimile signature, such approval to be conclusively... evidenced by the execution thereof by such officer. The New Notes shall have the same terms as the Issued Exchange Notes as to status, redemption or otherwise, as such terms are set forth in the Indenture, except as otherwise set forth below: (a) The date of issuance of the New Notes shall be [ ], 2013; (b) The principal of the New Notes shall bear interest at the same rate per annum payable on the Issued Exchange Notes, as of the date hereof, from April 1, 2013 or from the most recent date to which interest has been paid or provided for, payable semi-annually in arrears on April 1 and October 1 of each year, or if any such day is not a Business Day (as defined in the Original Indenture), on the next succeeding Business Day, commencing October 1, 2013. (c) The New Notes shall have such other terms and provisions as are set forth in the form of Notes attached as Exhibit A to the Original Indenture, all of which terms and provisions are incorporated by reference in and made a part of this Supplemental Indenture as if set forth in full herein. Without limitation of the other provisions of this Section 2, the Company agrees to perform and to comply with all of the applicable covenants and agreements of the Company in the Original Indenture in respect of the New Notes. View More
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