Credit Parties

Example Definitions of "Credit Parties"
Credit Parties. Shall mean, collectively, the Company and the Pledgor, and Credit Party shall mean either such Person individually
Credit Parties. Each Borrower, NEFF, each of their respective Subsidiaries and each other Person, in each case, who executes or becomes party to this Agreement as a "Pledgor" or who executes a guarantee of any Secured Obligations or who grants a Lien on all or part of its assets to secure all or part of the Secured Obligations
Credit Parties. Means Parent, Issuer, NBS, each other Subsidiary of Parent and any other Person that at any time is or becomes directly or indirectly liable on or in respect of, or that provides security for, any Senior Obligations, and their successors and permitted assigns.
Credit Parties. The Borrower, any Guarantor and any Trustee, including any one or more of them, each of them is a "Credit Party"
Credit Parties. Collectively, Borrower, Guarantor and each other subsidiary, and any guarantor or obligor of all or any portion of the Senior Debt and/or the Subordinated Debt
Credit Parties. Means, collectively, the Existing Credit Parties and the Joining Credit Parties, and "Credit Party" means any of them, individually.
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