Cumulative EBITDA

Example Definitions of "Cumulative EBITDA"
Cumulative EBITDA. The net earnings of the Corporation over the relevant period plus (i) pre-opening expenses, (ii) impairments, (iii) stock option expense, (iv) interest expense, (v) income taxes, (vi) depreciation and (vii) amortization expense.
Cumulative EBITDA. Shall mean, with respect to any fiscal year of the Company set forth on Schedule A to this Agreement, the actual aggregate amount of EBITDA of the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries for the period commencing on January 1, 2011, and ending on the last day of such fiscal year (with such period being treated as one accounting period for such purposes).
Cumulative EBITDA. Means the sum of Adjusted EBITDA for each year of the Performance Period.
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