Cure Period

Example Definitions of "Cure Period"
Cure Period. Thirty (30) calendar days or if a default involves failure to pay money then five (5) business days or such other time specified in a notice of default provided pursuant to Section 5(C) as may be required to conform to a schedule imposed by a governmental authority that relates to the cause of the default or as may be necessary to prevent or limit harm to any person participating in the Study
Cure Period. The meaning set forth in Paragraph 13(b)
Cure Period. For purposes of this Agreement, "Cure Period" is defined as the period beginning after Employee has provided written notice to the Board of any condition that could constitute a Good Reason event within ninety (90) days of the initial existence of such condition and such condition must not have been remedied by the Company within thirty (30) days of such written notice.
Cure Period. The term "Cure Period" shall have the meaning set forth in the Promissory Note.
Cure Period. Having the meaning set forth in the Note relating to any Event of Default.
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