Customer Default

Example Definitions of "Customer Default"
Customer Default. Any of the following items, whereby Customer shall be in default beyond notice and cure periods: (i) the failure by Customer to pay Service Fees, License Fees or other amounts for 5 days after written notice that the applicable amount is overdue; (ii) any breach of Section 3 above for 5 days after a Licensor's delivery of written notice to Customer; provided, however, if a Licensor shall deliver 3 notices of any such breach within any 12-month period, there shall be no cure period and a... Customer Default shall be deemed to have occurred; (iii) any default by Customer (or any affiliate of Customer) under any other agreement with Licensors (or any affiliate of Licensors); or (iv) the failure by Customer to cure any other breach within 15 days after written notice is delivered by either Licensor. View More
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