Customer Use

Example Definitions of "Customer Use"
Customer Use. Means use in the Field, specifically excluding any use that (i) is not in accordance with the Product's Specifications or Documentation, (ii) requires grants of rights or a license to Application Specific IP or Affiliate Application Specific IP, (iii) is a re-use of a previously used Consumable, (iv) is the disassembling, reverse-engineering, reverse-compiling, or reverse-assembling of the Product, (v) is the separation, extraction, or isolation of components of Consumables or other... unauthorized analysis of the Consumables, (vi) gains access to or determines the methods of operation of the Product, (vii) is the use of a non-Illumina reagent/consumable with Illumina Hardware (unless the Specifications or Documentation state otherwise), or (viii) is the transfer to a third-party of, or sub-licensing of, Software or third-party software. View More
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