Daily 1M SOFR

Example Definitions of "Daily 1M SOFR"
Daily 1M SOFR. For any day, the interest rate per annum determined by the Bank by dividing (the resulting quotient rounded upwards, at the Bank's discretion, to the nearest 1/100th of 1%) (A) the Term SOFR Reference Rate for such day for a one-month period, as published by the Term SOFR Administrator, by (B) a number equal to 1.00 minus the SOFR Reserve Percentage; provided that if Daily 1M SOFR, determined as provided above, would be less than the Floor, then Daily 1M SOFR shall be deemed to be the Floor.... The rate of interest will be adjusted automatically as of each Business Day based on changes in Daily 1M SOFR without notice to the Borrower. View More
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