Example Definitions of "Data"
Data. Means the information, data or results arising from the activities under this Agreement, including the Study Data and any analyses of the foregoing
Data. Certain personal information about the Employee held by the Company and the Subsidiary that employs the Employee (if applicable), including (but not limited to) the Employee's name, home address and telephone number, date of birth, social security number or other employee identification number, salary, nationality, job title, any Shares held in the Company, details of all Awards or any other entitlement to Shares awarded, canceled, purchased, vested, unvested or outstanding in the Employee's... favor, for the purpose of managing and administering the Program. View More
Data. Any data or information collected by Google through the Services provided to Company (whether received directly from End Users by Google or sent by Company to Google)
Data. All data, documentation and information which Owners possess relating to the Property, including, by way of illustration and not by limitation: (a) all geological, geochemical and geophysical maps, reports, surveys and tests; (b) deeds, mortgages, ALTA or boundary surveys, licenses, title insurance reports and policies, or equivalent documentation, if any; (c) all drill hole maps, drill logs, drill core, drill cuttings, chip trays, and other samples taken from the Property; (d) all engineering... and metallurgical reports, studies and tests; (e) all sample and assay logs, maps, reports and tests; (f) all mineral resource and ore reserve calculations, estimates, reports, studies and tests; (g) all anthropological, biological, cultural, hydrologic, environmental, meteorological, and other like reports, studies, surveys and tests; and (h) all other data relating to the Property, including any such data, documentation or information in digital, electronic, magnetic, optical and written format, all of which is unverified, but, in each case, excluding Privileged Documents. View More
Data. The term "Data" shall refer to data derived from use of the Invu Platform, including without limitation, [***]. For clarification purposes, even after Patient Data has been anonymized, the aggregated and anonymous data shall also be deemed "Data" for purposes hereof.
Data. Data shall mean [***].
Data. Means all information and knowledge, in whatever form, paper, electronic or otherwise, relating to the Property and Area of Interest, including but not limited to, geologic reports, drill core, assay results, geophysical reports, technical data, analysis, and compilations, feasibility reports, environmental reports, etc.
Data. Means all data first produced in the performance of the HRP Initiative as described in the HRP Program that has been anonymized so as to be outside the scope of international data protection laws generally, as well as, deidentified in accordance with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule, the regulations promulgated thereunder and Applicable Law.
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