Date Of Grant

Example Definitions of "Date Of Grant"
Date Of Grant. Vesting Date: The earlier of the expiration of the Grantee's current term as a director of the Company or the third anniversary of the Grant Date
Date Of Grant. The actual date on which an Award is granted by the Committee
Date Of Grant. The effective date as of which the Committee (or the Board, as the case may be) grants an Award to a Participant
Date Of Grant. The date on which an Award is granted under this Plan
Date Of Grant. The date specified by the Stock Option Committee or the Special Stock Option Committee, as applicable, on which a grant of Stock Options or Stock Appreciation Rights will become effective (which date will not be earlier than the date on which such Committee takes action with respect thereto)
Date Of Grant. With respect to a Performance Share Award shall mean as of January 1 of the year in which such Award is made
Date Of Grant. The date when the Company completes the corporate action necessary to create the legally binding right constituting a Restricted Stock Award, as provided in Code Section 409A and the regulations thereunder
Date Of Grant. December 29th, 2003.
Date Of Grant. Means the date on which the granting of an Award is authorized, or such other date as may be specified in such authorization; provided, however, that such date complies with the requirements of Sections 422 and 409A of the Code, as applicable.
Date Of Grant. Shall mean the date on which the Committee both (1) designates the French Grantees and (2) specifies the terms and conditions of the Qualified RSUs, including the number of shares of Stock to be issued at a future date, the conditions for the vesting of the Qualified RSUs and the conditions of the transferability of the shares of Stock once issued.
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