De Minimis Business

Example Definitions of "De Minimis Business"
De Minimis Business. (a) venture capital business activity involving minority equity investment (including any sale of equity derivatives) by any member of the GE Group in any Person in which (i) the GE Group collectively holds not more than twenty-five percent (25) percent of the outstanding voting securities or similar equity interests or (ii) the amount invested by the GE Group collectively is less than $100 million, provided, in either such case, that the GE Group does not (x) have the right to designate a... majority, or such higher amount constituting a controlling number, of the members of the board of directors (or similar governing body) of such Person and (y) manage or operate the business of such Person or make significant proprietary assets (including the Retained Names and Retained Marks (as defined in Schedule 7.14(d)(i) to the Transaction Agreement) and any non-public information derived from Company Group) available to such Person for use in such Person's business or (b) venture which has been approved by the Conflicts Committee (or its authorized designee). View More
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