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Defaulting Lender. Or has become the subject of a Bail-in Action
Defaulting Lender. Any Lender that (a) has failed, within three (3) Business Days of the date required to be funded or paid, to (i) fund any portion of its Loans, (ii) fund any portion of its participations in Letters of Credit or (iii) pay over to any Credit Party any other amount required to be paid by it hereunder; (b) has notified the Borrower or any Credit Party in writing, or has made a public statement, to the effect that it does not intend or expect to comply with any of its funding obligations under this... Agreement or generally under other agreements in which it commits to extend credit; (c) has failed, within three (3) Business Days after request by the Administrative Agent or a Credit Party, acting in good faith, to provide a certification in writing from an authorized officer of such Lender that it will comply with its obligations to fund prospective Loans and participations in then outstanding Letters of Credit under this Agreement; provided that such Lender shall cease to be a Defaulting Lender pursuant to this clause (c) upon such Credit Party's receipt of such certification in form and substance satisfactory to it and the Administrative Agent; or (d) has (or whose bank holding company has) been placed into receivership, conservatorship or bankruptcy or has become subject to a Bail-in Action; provided that a Lender shall not become a Defaulting Lender solely as a result of the acquisition or maintenance of an ownership interest in such Lender or Person controlling such Lender or the exercise of control over a Lender or Person controlling such Lender by a Governmental Authority or an instrumentality thereof; provided, further, that the appointment of an administrator, provisional liquidator, conservator, receiver, trustee, custodian or other similar official by a supervisory authority or regulator with respect to a Lender or Person under the Dutch Financial Supervision Act 2007 (as amended from time to time and including any successor legislation) shall not be deemed an event described in clause (d) hereof View More
Defaulting Lender. In Section 1.1 (Definitions) is amended by adding the following after "Debtor Relief Law": "or a Bail-In Action".
Defaulting Lender. Has, or has a direct or indirect parent company that has, become the subject of a Bail-In Action.
Defaulting Lender. Shall have become the subject of a Bail-in Action.
Defaulting Lender. Means any Lender whose acts or failure to act, whether directly or indirectly, cause it to meet any part of the definition of "Lender Default".
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