Deferral Period

Example Definitions of "Deferral Period"
Deferral Period. The time during which a Participant is a non-employee director of the Company
Deferral Period. Means the period commencing the Date of Grant and ending the latest of (i) the third anniversary of the Date of Grant, (ii) the date the Grantee attains age 69, or (iii) the date of the Grantee's 'separation from service' as so defined for purposes of Section 409A(a)(2)(A)(i) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the 'Code').
Deferral Period. Each period commencing on the date of an Annual Meeting and ending on the date immediately preceding the next Annual Meeting. The first Deferral Period under the Plan shall commence on the first day of the first fiscal quarter of the Company to begin after May 5, 1998. If an individual becomes eligible to participate in the Plan after the commencement of a Deferral Period, the Deferral Period for the individual shall be the remainder of such Deferral Period.
Deferral Period. The period during which the receipt of Deferred Stock under Section 9 of the Plan will be deferred
Deferral Period. The period of time during which Restricted Share Units are subject to deferral limitations, as provided in Section 7
Deferral Period. The six month period beginning on the date of this Note
Deferral Period. The calendar year.
Deferral Period. The period of time during which Deferred Shares (Restricted Stock Units) are subject to deferral limitations under Section 8
Deferral Period. Shall mean sixty (60) days or, if the event resulting in the Deferral Period is an acquisition or sale that has not been publicly announced, or for which financial statements would have to be included in the Registration Statement which are not (or are not anticipated to be) available as of the filing or effectiveness of the Registration Statement, sixty (60) days following the date such sale is publicly announced or the date such financial statements are available.
Deferral Period. Shall mean the period of time during which payment of any amount otherwise payable under the Plan is deferred pursuant to Section 5(b) or Section 5(c) hereof, subject to the right of the Committee to terminate the Deferral Period as provided in Section 5(f).
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