Example Definitions of "Deferral"
Deferral. A portion of a Participant's Salary or Bonus which is deferred pursuant to Section 3.02 and credited to the Participant's Account in accordance with Section 3.03.
Deferral. Deferral of an incentive compensation award paid in cash under this Policy shall be made pursuant to the provisions of the Company's Deferred Compensation Plan.
Deferral. An amount deferred pursuant to a Deferral Election and any automatic deferral of restricted stock units as described in section 5 below .
Deferral. The amount of Compensation that a Participant has elected to defer under a Deferral Election Form
Deferral. With respect to any Participant means the amount of the Participant's total Compensation which has been contributed to the Plan in accordance with the Participant's deferral election pursuant to Section 4.1.
Deferral. Deferral means a credit to a Participant's Account(s) that records that portion of the Participant's Compensation that the Participant has elected to defer to the Plan in accordance with the provisions of Section 4. Unless the context of the Plan clearly indicates otherwise, a reference to Deferrals includes Earnings attributable to such Deferrals. Deferrals shall be calculated with respect to the gross cash Compensation payable to the Participant prior to any deductions or withholdings, but... shall be reduced by the Committee as necessary so that it does not exceed 100% of the cash Compensation of the Participant remaining after deduction of all required income and employment taxes, 401(k) and other employee benefit deductions, and other deductions required by law. Changes to payroll withholdings that affect the amount of Compensation being deferred to the Plan shall be allowed only to the extent permissible under Code Section 409A. View More
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