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Definition of "Rating Event.". The definition of "Rating Event" in each of the Notes and Officers' Certificates is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following: "Rating Event" means the rating on the Notes is lowered by each of the two Rating Agencies and the Notes are rated below an Investment Grade Rating by each of the two Rating Agencies, in any case on any day during the period (which period will be extended so long as the rating of the Notes is under publicly announced consideration for 2 a possible... downgrade by either of the Rating Agencies) commencing upon the first public notice of the occurrence of a Change of Control or the Company's intention to effect a Change of Control and ending 60 days following the consummation of the Change of Control; provided, however, that a Rating Event otherwise arising by virtue of a particular reduction in rating will not be deemed to have occurred in respect of a particular Change of Control (and thus will not be deemed a Rating Event for purposes of the definition of Change of Control Triggering Event) if such Rating Agency making the reduction in rating to which this definition would otherwise apply does not announce or publicly confirm that the reduction was the result, in whole or in part, of any event or circumstance comprised of or arising as a result of, or in respect of, the applicable Change of Control (whether or not the applicable Change of Control has occurred at the time of the rating event). View More
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