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DEFINITION OF TERMS. As used herein, the terms defined on page i hereof and in the Mortgage shall have the meanings given on page i and in the Mortgage, respectively, and the following terms shall have the following meanings: 1.1Event of Default: as defined in Paragraph 5.1. 1.2In its sole unfettered discretion: as defined in Paragraph 7.7. 1.3Lease Assignment: this Assignment of Leases and Rents and all modifications or amendments thereto and extensions thereof. 1.4Leases: all leases, license agreements and other... occupancy or use agreements (whether oral or written), now or hereafter existing, which cover or relate to all or any portion of the Property in which Borrower holds the landlord's or lessor's interest therein, together with all options therefor, amendments thereto and renewals, modifications and guarantees thereof, and all Rents. 1.5Permitted Leases: any Leases now existing or hereafter entered into on a form approved by Lender for leasable space in the Property which comply with the Permitted Leasing Guidelines. 1.6Rents: all rents, royalties, issues, profits, revenues, income and other benefits of the Property arising at any time (including, without limitation, after the filing of any petition under any present or future Federal or State bankruptcy or similar law) from the use or enjoyment thereof or from the Leases, including, without limitation, cash, letters of credit or securities deposited thereunder to secure performance by the tenants of their obligations thereunder, whether said cash, letters of credit or securities are to be held until the expiration of the terms of the Leases or applied to one or more of the installments of rent coming due, additional, percentage, participation and other rentals, fees and deposits. View More
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